Commute Better: Keep Wondering, Stay Curious

I went to see Sean Lock do a comedy gig earlier this week and he was fantastic. His take on the world is quirky and his ability to see the funny side of the things we take for granted is brilliant! One of his observations in particular really resonated with me: When we get on the train for our morning [...]

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Product Managers: 7 Things You Can Do To Stop Being Treated Like A Project Manager

One product manager I spoke to recently differentiated her job from the others on her team, by the time frame on which she focuses her thinking. She told me that her job is to focus her thinking on both the immediate term and the future term, whereas the rest of the team are more likely to be focused somewhere in the [...]

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The Product Elevator Pitch

Being able to explain your product in one sentence is incredibly powerful. As products mature, they often create customer value by increasing the features they offer. Over time, it can become more difficult to ascertain which features provide the real value to customers. Eventually, if the product is cohesive, the value created for customers is easiest to explain not in [...]

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Product Manager Skills – Managing Expectations

An important part of a product manager’s job is setting expectations across a wide range of stakeholders. This goes beyond simply transmitting ideas, plans, designs and tasks. It requires additional effort to validate and adjust stakeholder’ expectations. The bigger the product and the organisation you work in, the more people you are likely to affect. This in turn makes managing [...]

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Managing Conflict: Changing Product Priorities Mid-Sprint

The Issue A common cause of conflict between product owners and the development team is both the perceived and real change of requirements mid-sprint. The conflict manifests itself when the development team's exasperation with mid-sprint change is finally voiced and the product owner swears blind that nothing has changed during the sprint. Sometimes this can seem like a dual reality [...]

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